Everything you need for the remote work.
For remote, by remote!

Werk is designed and developed to help you in your remote or hybrid working journey. You can collaborate and communicate in Werk seamlessly, easily.

We know you are struggling with

Zoom fatigue

Zoom and the other video conferencing tools as like as meetings in the offices. Boring, unproductive and also needs scheduling and preparation.

Using too many tools

Adopting your team to every tools that you need is time consuming and hard.

Cost of the tools

Cost of the tools

If you use too many tools, you have to pay too many too. But, you don't have to.

See how we are solving these and empower remote teams!

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Sneak peek to Werk.


We know... Getting sync for every issue is hard. But, you can asynchronously collaborate on Werk via Async Records feature!

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Thread Chat

Never miss your conversation with thread chat. Also share files, hyperdocs and more.

Thread chat

Task Manager

Not only simplest ever, but also super customizable.
Manage your tasks with Werk’s task manager. And build your own task manager with just what you need!

Task manager

Voice Chat

Getting tired of video call ? Let’s get you into
voice collaboration. Meet Werk’s simple voice chat and start collaborating without any hassle.

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Is it over? No!

The lasts but not the leasts from Werk

Werk’s hyperdoc is designed for taking notes and create documentations easily. Get rid of using comples note taking apps and use Werk’s hyperdocs with your teammates in a collaborative way.


Download platforms
Werk is with you on any platform. Available for iOS, Android, MacOS and Windows.

Mobile and Desktop Apps

Screen Sharing

Share your screen with teammates while speaking on Voice Chat.
Screen sharing

Calendar View

Werk has Calendar View with List and Kanban Views for Tasks. Keep track tasks easily on Calendar View.
Task calendar

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"But I have been using X tool, how can I move to Werk?" Don't worry, we'll take care of it.


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